Use a telephone and voicemail system


Activity 1 Telephone Wordsearch

Activity 2 The Right Language

Activity 3 Making an Impression

Activity 4 Sensitive Information Quiz

Activity 5 Matching Telephone Features

Activity 6 Making a Call

Activity 7 Message Information

Activity 8 Leaving Voicemail Messages



Worksheet 1 Creating the Right Impression

Worksheet 2 Making Calls and Using the Equipment

Worksheet 3 Call Log

Worksheet 4 Receiving Calls

Worksheet 5 Taking Messages

Worksheet 6 Using Voicemail



Handout 1 Telephone Communication

Handout 2 Making Telephone Calls

Handout 3 Receiving Telephone Calls

Handout 4 Taking Messages

Handout 5 Using a Voicemail System