Understand working in a Customer Service Environment


Activity 1 Customer Service Scenarios

Activity 2 Factors Affecting Customer Service Quiz

Activity 3 Know How to Work in a Customer Service Role

Activity 4 Know how to Refer Customer Queries and Problems



Worksheet 1 What is the Definition of Customer Service

Worksheet 2 Questioning Techniques to Establish Customer Needs and Expectations

Worksheet 3 Behaviours, Presentation and Standard Practices

Worksheet 4 Protection of Customer Personal Information and Safety

Worksheet 5 Job Roles and Customer Behaviours

Worksheet 6 Procedures to Deal with Customer Problems and Who to Refer to


Handout 1 The Importance of Customer Service

Handout 2 Reliable Customer Service

Handout 3 Standards of Customer Service

Handout 4 Dealing With Customer Service Problems