Understand Sensory Loss Level 3


Worksheet 1 Communication and Sensory Loss Word Search

Worksheet 2 Factors Affecting Individuals with Sensory Loss

Worksheet 3 Overcoming Negative Factors and Attitudes

Worksheet 4 Factors Affecting Service Provision

Worksheet 5 What can be done

Worksheet 6 What do you know

Worksheet 7 Ewan’s Deafness

Worksheet 8 Supporting Individuals with Sensory Loss

Worksheet 9 Causes of Sensory Loss Quiz

Worksheet 10 How Common is it

Worksheet 11 Indicators and Signs of Sensory Loss

Worksheet 12 What Would you do

Worksheet 13 Sources of Information, Guidance and Support


Handout 1 Positive and Negative Factors Affecting Sensory Loss

Handout 2 The Medical and Social Model of Disability

Handout 3 Methods of Communication

Handout 4 What are the Main Causes of Sensory Loss

Handout 5 What are the Signs of Possible Sensory Loss