Understand Employer Organisations


Activity 1 Health and Safety Wordsearch

Activity 2 Data and Copying Wordsearch

Activity 3 Legislation

Activity 4 Types of Organisation

Activity 5 Public Sector Funding

Activity 6 Job Roles

Activity 7 Procedures Quiz

Activity8 Changes Quiz

Activity9 Changes Wordsearch



Worksheet 1 Health and Safety Induction

Worksheet 2 Health and Safety

Worksheet 3 Data Protection and Copyright

Worksheet 4 Customer Records Scenario

Worksheet 5 Legislation

Worksheet 6 Discrimination Scenario

Worksheet 7 Organisation Sectors

Worksheet 8 Legal Structure of Private Organisations

Worksheet 9 Structure of Public Organisations

Worksheet 10 Organisational Objectives

Worksheet 11 Organisation Structures

Worksheet 12 Organisation Functions

Worksheet 13 Policies and Procedures

Worksheet 14 Change

Worksheet 15 Change Scenario

Worksheet 16 PESTEL

Worksheet 17 SWOT



Handout 1 Health and Safety at Work

Handout 2 Data Protection and Copyright

Handout 3 Employment Legislation

Handout 4 Types of Organisation

Handout 5 Different Legal Structures of Organisations

Handout 6 Structures of Public Organisations

Handout 7 Organisation Structures

Handout 8 Organisation Functions

Handout 9 Organisational Policies and Procedures

Handout 10 Change

Handout 11 Understanding the Organisational Environment