The Principles of Infection Prevention and Control


Worksheet 1 Identifying Infection Control Roles and Responsibilities

Worksheet 2 Who is Responsible

Worksheet 3 Investigating Infection Control Law and Policy

Worksheet 4 Infection Control Wordsearch

Worksheet 5 The Impact of an Infection Outbreak

Worksheet 6 Work Activity Infection Risks

Worksheet 7 Understanding Risk in the Care Workplace

Worksheet 8 Using Personal Protective Equipment at Work

Worksheet 9 Rules, Regulations and Responsibilities

Worksheet 10 Promoting Good Hygiene

Worksheet 11 Effective Hand Washing Technique


Handout 1 How do Infections Spread

Handout 2 Employer and Employee Roles and Responsibilities for Infection Prevention and Control

Handout 3 Infection Control Law, Regulation and Policy in Brief

Handout 4 Standard Precautions for Infection Control

Handout 5 Infection Prevention and Control Systems and Procedure Basics

Handout 6 Infection Hazards in the Workplace

Handout 7 Good Practice in Using, Removing and Disposing of PPE