Support Individuals to Access and Use Services and Facilities Level 3


Worksheet 1 Factors Affecting Access to Services and Facilities

Worksheet 2 Services for Jenny

Worksheet 3 Benefits, Barriers and Solutions

Worksheet 4 Supporting Keith’s Interests

Worksheet 5 Promoting and Supporting an Individual’s Choices

Worksheet 6 Identifying Resources, Support and Assistance

Worksheet 7 Providing Support and Assistance in Practice

Worksheet 8 Quiz

Worksheet 9 Supporting Individuals to Review Services and Facilities



Handout 1 What Services and Facilities are Available

Handout 2 What Are Barriers to Access

Handout 3 Overcoming Barriers to Access

Handout 4 Supporting Individuals’ Choices

Handout 5 Which Services Should I Choose

Handout 6 Who is Responsible. A More Support Less Support Approach

Handout 7 Facilitating Evaluation and Feedback

Handout 8 More. Less or Something Else