Statement of Service

Our Information and Advice Service



Team Enterprises Limited is a Private Training Provider based in Merseyside. We have been delivering funded, as well as commercial training.  We currently have two training venues based in St Helens and Liverpool and also deliver on employers’ premises.


Where learners need in-depth guidance and support, we have built strong relationships with the local Job Centre Plus, Connexions, National Careers Service.


We provide one-to-one information and advice for all our learners, to promote learner achievement:


At the start:

To help you to make an informed decision about the qualification you will work to achieve and any optional Units you will complete, your designated Training Consultant will meet you on a one-to-one basis to help you to identify the pros and cons of different options, checking you are happy with options available before you commit to signing up to complete a qualification with us.  Your Training Consultant will:

–          Explain their role is to provide impartial, unbiased information and advice, to help you to consider the pros and cons of different options, rather than promoting one option over another.

–          Say that our information and advice service is confidential – unless someone is at risk of harm.

–          Show you the paperwork to be completed.

–          Explain record keeping and what happens to paperwork completed.

–          Cover boundaries of our information and advice service, such as how often we will need to meet and how long meetings are expected to last and to confirm required deadlines for completion.

–          Consider any barriers to the achievement of your qualification – your Training Consultant will be able to signpost/refer you for additional support if needed, to help you to achieve your qualification.

–          Check you are ok with the time commitment required achieving the qualification.

–          Check you are ok with the information provided about the qualification and give you opportunities to ask questions.

–          Complete a health and safety check with you to make sure that your safety is not compromised as you work to achieve the qualification.

–          Ask you about your preferred learning styles and agree on methods of assessment.

–          Enable you to access our Learner Handbook and website.

–          Discuss our Assessment Appeals Procedure and include a copy in your portfolio.

–          Agree an individual Assessment Plan with you for the qualification you will work to achieve.


Regular Reviews:

At the end of every contact with your Training Consultant, they will complete a review of progress with you and document agreed on next steps in the assessment process.  Reviews must be completed each month.


Your Training Consultant will also ask you and your line manager for feedback, to check that you are happy with the service and to plan in changes if appropriate.


Exit Information, Advice and Guidance:

When you have been assessed competent for your qualification, your Training Consultant will complete a final Review with you.  As part of this review, you will be given the opportunity to provide feedback on the support you have had over the period you have worked to complete the qualification.  You will also agree on a new individual development plan.  In addition, your Training Consultant can signpost/refer you for additional information and in-depth guidance at this stage, if necessary.



If you use our website, there is a feedback form to complete to let us know what you think.  Alternatively, your Training Consultant will give you the opportunity to complete a short online survey or paper questionnaire.  We welcome all comments and suggestions – we use these to continually improve our services.



We are committed to providing the best possible support to help you to achieve your qualification.  However, sometimes things can go wrong and you need to contact us to put things right.  Most concerns can be resolved informally by contacting your Training Consultant and with reference to the Assessment Appeals Procedure included in your portfolio or by contacting us at:


Team Enterprises

Bearly House

67, Liverpool Road

St Helens

WA10 1PQ

Tel: 01744 737690 (Monday to Thursday: 8.30am – 5pm; Friday: 8.30am – 1pm)



If you are still unhappy, a formal complaint can be made – a copy of our Complaints Policy is available from the above address.