Safeguarding Policy

This policy states the responsibilities of Team Enterprises in relation to Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.

Team Enterprises is committed to a positive policy of safety for all and strives to support learners wherever possible.

This policy is our commitment to the following principles:
• That people using our services are safe.
• That everyone has the right to live their life free from violence, fear, harassment, humiliation, degradation, mistreatment, abuse and neglect.
• That everyone have the right to be protected from harm and exploitation.
• That everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect

To do this Team Enterprises will:
• Publish a clear procedural framework that is consistent with this safeguarding policy.
• Ensure consistent and effective responses to any concern, allegation or disclosure of abuse.
• Implement and share effective policies and procedures and ensuring that the need for confidentiality is balanced with safeguarding the person.
• Support staff in reporting incidents of abuse.
• Preventing abuse from occurring in our organisation.
• Ensuring staff have the knowledge and understanding of safeguarding issues and receive training.
• Work in partnership with other organisations.
Abuse, wherever it happens and whoever perpetrates it, must not be ignored.
Team Enterprises wish to create an environment that is safe and welcoming to all learners. We believe that Safeguarding is an essential element and aim to promote a positive culture where learners are able to learn and develop whilst prioritizing their health and safety.
Team Enterprises accepts its particular responsibility to safeguard the wellbeing of children and vulnerable adults engaged in the breadth of its activities by ensuring that there are appropriate arrangements in place to provide a safe and secure environment and to deal with issues concerned with suspected or reported abuse of children and vulnerable adults.
Team Enterprises seeks to ensure that its policy and procedures comply with statutory duties reflects guidance and good practice in safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, and that safeguarding arrangements are proportionate and based upon common sense.
Team Enterprises acknowledges that it has a duty to help staff and learners identify their responsibilities (through guidance, support and training), minimise risk and avoid situations (where possible) where abuse or neglect might be alleged. It is not intended that staff should be restricted from normal ways or working, but staff are advised to consider how an action may be misperceived.

Team Enterprises aim to:
• Safeguard all learners and particularly young people and adults with identified needs
• Safeguard Team Enterprises staff and partners in carrying out their duties in teaching, supervising and supporting learners within Team Enterprises premises, external facilities, in the work place or other venues.

This applies to:
• All learners and particularly young people and adults who may need support
• All company staff and anyone working on behalf of the company

Safeguarding, a whole organisational approach.

Creating a Safe Environment.
To create a safe environment for learners Team Enterprises will;
• Operate a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to weapons, drugs, alcohol and bullying, including cyber or electronic bullying, in all forms
• Have clear procedures for following up issues of conduct for both staff and learners
• Continually review the safety and security regarding all Team Enterprises premises
• Ensure all staff have appropriate CRB/ DBS clearance and other checks
• Staff and visitors will wear ID Badges at all times

Provide training and support for staff.
All staff will be given up to date information on Safeguarding through;
• A clear induction programme, which includes Safeguarding
• Taking part in appropriate Safeguarding Training, in line with specific job roles (see training matrix)
• Being made aware of the Team Enterprises’ Policy and Procedures on Safeguarding
• Being offered other relevant suitable training / information, as and when appropriate
• Being provided with contact details for the relevant safeguarding staff
• Provide staff with external counselling / supervision where appropriate

Positive Promotion.
Safeguarding, in its broadest sense, will be promoted positively throughout Team Enterprises in a number of ways, including;
• Policy and Procedures available on Team Enterprises website for stakeholders
• Valuing, listening to and respecting learners
•Involving them in decisions which affect them
• Student Induction
• Health and Wellbeing, Anti Bullying, E-Safety promotion
• Awareness raising posters

Support for Learners.
Learners will be offered support through a number of mechanisms whilst enrolled including;
• Safeguarding Officers will deliver timely interventions or continuous support to our most vulnerable learners
• Additional Support for learners with learning difficulties / disabilities and/or medical needs
• Links developed with external agencies, including agencies linked to specific groups such as Mental Health Services, Youth Offending Service (YOS) etc

Safeguarding learners aged 16 and 17
These learners are covered in law by the Children Act. This means that allegations or suspicions of abuse must be taken seriously and acted upon according to the procedure.
Concerns or suspicions must be referred to a designated staff member even if the learners stated wishes are to the contrary, this must be done by telephone and then followed up in writing. They will seek advice from the appropriate agency and agree any further action which may be necessary. This may include a formal referral.
Learners aged 16 and 17 are encouraged to report the abuse, or give consent for a report to be made, to an investigating agency (usually the Children’s Services in the area where the student lives). However, they should be made aware that it may be necessary to report the abuse even without their consent.
The following issues are relevant: – what are the wishes of the student? – are younger siblings involved? – is a criminal act being committed? – is there risk of significant harm?

Designated staff

The designated persons with designated with responsibility for safeguarding are:
Julie O’Brien 01744 737690/ 0151 707 1404
Diane Bainbridge  01744 737690 / 0151 707 1404

They should be contacted for support and advice on implementing this policy and connected procedures
This policy should be read in conjunction with Team Enterprises Safeguarding Procedures.

Team Enterprises
• Will ensure that all management, staff and learners are familiar with this policy and procedures
• Will act within its confidentiality policy and will usually gain permission from service users before sharing information about them with another agency
• Will pass information to Adult and Culture Services when more than one person is at risk. For example: if the concern relates to a worker, volunteer or organisation who provides a service to vulnerable adults or children
• Will inform learners that where a person is in danger, a child is at risk or a crime has been committed then a decision may be taken to pass information to another agency without the learners consent
• Will make a referral to the Social Care team as appropriate
• Will endeavor to keep up to date with national developments relating to preventing abuse and welfare of children and adults
• Will ensure that the Designated Safeguarding Officer understands his/her responsibility to refer incidents of abuse to the relevant statutory agencies (Police/Social Care Services)
They should be contacted for support and advice on implementing this policy and procedures.

This policy should be read in conjunction with Team Enterprises Safeguarding Procedure