Maths Level 1 Resources


Mean and Range

Collect Record Data

Extract Interpret Information

Construct Models and Shapes

Areas and Perimeters

Convert Units of Measure

Solve Problems with Time

Solve Problems with Money

Solve Problems with Length, Weight, Capacity, Temperature, Distance

Simple Formulae

Solve Simple Ratio Problems

Add and Subtract Decimals

Understand Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide Whole Numbers

Understand and Use Whole Numbers


Activity 1 Budgeting

Activity 2 Lottery Winnings

Activity 3 Helping out at a Charity Shop

Activity 4 Groceries

Activity 5 Decorating at Home

Activity 6 Re-Design Your Garden

Activity 7 Re-Design a Bedroom

Activity 8 Booking a Holiday

Activity 9 Keeping Fit

Activity 10 Hip Hop Artists’ Earnings

Activity 11 Community Day