Management Leadership


H1 – Aims and objectives

H2 – Leadership and Management

H3 – Qualities of good leadership

H4 – What is leadership and why does it matter in health and social care today

H5 – Theories of leadership

H6 – A brief history of management

H7 – What is an organisational

H8 – Comparing approaches to decision-making

H9 – What makes a leader effective

H10 – Why is an understanding of culture important in leadership

H11 – Policy, context, and strategy


W1 Leader, manager or both

W2 – Being a leader in practice

W3 – Using management theories in practice

W4 – Identifying team values

W5 – Using management and leadership skills in practice

W6 – Matching leadership and management theories

W7 – A born leader arguments for and against

W8 – Using management and leadership skills in your own role

W9 – Team Values and your leadership role


ppt1-Combining management leadership skills

ppt2-Examples leadership styles

ppt3-Key learning points


Multiple choice questions