Making the Offering Attractive

A fundamental aspect of customer care is the ability and willingness to see things from the customer’s point of view.  Having done so, it is also important your customer orientation is evident to your customers!

Presenting products and services in terms of what they mean to customers is not only good sales practice, it is good customer care.  Customers can more easily appreciate the cause and effect between the offering and what it means to them personally.  They also feel that you are there to look after them, not just sell them something.

Products and services have features – a chargecard may have monthly statements or be acceptable in 200,000 places worldwide; a motor car may have adjustable lumbar support in the driver’s seat or the fastest 50-70 mph acceleration it its class; an insurance policy may have a 24-hour emergency hotline or an unconditional new for old clause.  They are all features.

A feature is characteristic of the product or service.  To many customers they are boring and they very rarely clinch a sale unless the customer can make the cause and effect between the characteristic and what he or she wants.  And, of course, what customers want is benefits – what the characteristic does for them, as the following table illustrates:

Chargecard ·        Monthly statements
·        Acceptable in 200,000 places worldwide
·        Security of always knowing where you are
·        Never overspending
·        Convenience
·        Reduced need to carry cash or travellers’ cheques
Motor Care ·        Adjustable lumbar support in driver’s seat
·        Fastest 50-70 mph acceleration in its class
·        More comfortable, especially on long journeys
·        Safer overtaking
·        Sporty image
Insurance Policy ·        24-hour emergency hotline
·        Unconditional new for old clause
·        Convenience (when you most need it)
·        Peace of mind