Life and Culture Events July 2018

Talk to Us 2018- 1st-31st July

Samaritans are challenging the UK to become better listeners by sharing expert tips on how to be a better listener. Throughout July, Samaritans branches are also holding events throughout the UK and Ireland to raise awareness of the services they offer in their local communities. Visit your local branch website to see what they’re doing during Talk to Us.

World Day for International Justice 2018 17th July

Every year on July 17, World Day for International Justice is observed all around the world. The aim of the day is to promote international criminal justice and as a way of supporting the work of the ICC.


Biomedical Science day 19th July

Biomedical Science Day is an annual event held to promote the vital role biomedical science plays in a person’s healthcare throughout their lifetime.


NSPCC Messathon west midlands 21st-22nd July

The NSPCC hold a yearly event called the NSCC Messathon, and 2018 is no different! This yearly event is to bring awareness to the NSPCC, celebrate the achievements and work of those working in the field of child care, and raise donations for the charity and the work they do. This year will have events in two places: at Frimley Lodge Park in Surrey on the 9th June, and Sandwell Valley Park in the West Midlands on the 21st & 22nd July.



24th July is 24/7 Samaritans Awareness Day, so get involved in the worthwhile cause of raising awareness for the important work that The Samaritans carry out.