Introduction to Communication in Health and Social Care


Worksheet 1 Barriers to Communication

Worksheet 2 Who can Help

Worksheet 3 Case Study

Worksheet 4 Communication Skills in Practice

Worksheet 5 Maintaining Confidentiality in Practice

Worksheet 6 Why People Communicate

Worksheet 7 Communication Needs, Preferences and Wishes

Worksheet 8 Impact of Communication on Day to Day Work

Worksheet 9 Overcoming Barriers


Handout 1 Reasons for Communication

Handout 2 Active Listening

Handout 3 Confidentiality

Handout 4 The Communication Process

Handout 5 Essential Standards

Handout 6 Modifying Communication for Different Individuals

Handout 7 Factors Affecting Communication

Handout 8 How to Keep Information Secure

Handout 9 Finding out about an Individual’s Communication Needs