Implement Change Level 3


Activity 1 Crisis management

Activity 2 Barriers to change

Activity 3 Need for change

Activity 4 SMART

Activity 5 Critical Path Analysis

Activity 6 Monitoring techniques

Activity 7 Collating feedback

Activity 8 Communicate lessons learned

Activity 9 Effective leadership Part 1

Activity 10 Effective leadership Part 2

Multiple Choice Questions


Worksheet 1 Stakeholders

Worksheet 2 Change models

Worksheet 3 Roles and responsibilities

Worksheet 4 Gain acceptance

Worksheet 5 Implementing plans within agreed timescales

Worksheet 6 Contingency planning

Worksheet 7 Analyse feedback

Worksheet 8 Communicate lessons learned

Worksheet 9 Stakeholders Part 1

Worksheet 10 Stakeholders Part 2


H1 Principles of change management

H2 Implementation of change

H3 Implementation of change

H4 Effectiveness of the implementation of change

H5 Recap