Functional Skills Maths Entry 3

To achieve the above learners must achieve the following components:

Competence:  E3 Functional Skills Certificate

GLH: 45+ required for this qualification – workshop sessions and e-learning.

Course Aims 

By the end of this course learners will:
– Understand the mathematical skills required
– Be able to transfer the skills learned by applying the skills in different context and settings
– Become better at being able to apply a problem solving approach to everyday contexts
– Become confident enough to be able to complete the Functional skills assessment test
– To encourage learners to move onto higher level skills, to provide support, encouragement and the confidence to progress up through the levels

Course Objectives

– To build upon and develop the learner’s ability in being able to complete the numerical skills and apply them in different contexts and settings.

– Through a series of teaching and support sessions the learners will be aware of the technical skills involved at the level the programme demands.

– In addition learners will develop their understanding on the skills involved by completing tasks and assignments set in different everyday contexts and be able to apply problem solving techniques

– Learners will then be equipped with the skills to achieve an award in recognition for their efforts