Facilitate Person Centred Assessment, Planning, Implementation and Review Level 3


Handout 1 What is a Holistic Approach

Handout 2 How can Individuals be Supported

Handout 3 Why is Partnership Important

Handout 4 Who Should be Involved in Assessment and Planning of Care

Handout 5 Types and Levels of Care

Handout 6 Components of a Care or Support Plan

Handout 7 A more Support,Less Support Approach

Handout 8 Reasons for Monitoring a Care Plan


Worksheet 1 Questions for a Holistic Assessment

Worksheet 2 Maximising Ownership and Control

Worksheet 3 Taking Strengths and Aspirations into Account

Worksheet 4 Planning and Individual Centred Assessment

Worksheet 5 Contribute to the Planning of Care and Support

Worksheet 6 Implementing a Care Plan

Worksheet 7 Changing Needs and Circumstances

Worksheet 8 Monitoring an Individual’s Care Plan