English Level 2 Resources



Present information on complex subjects

Reading – How meaning is conveyed-v1-0

Reading – Summarise information

Reading – Detect fact and opinion

Reading – Detect implicit meaning

Reading -Detect bias

Reading – Obtain and utilise relevant information

Reading – Detect point of view

Writing – Purposes of texts

Reading – Purposes of texts

Reading – Examine primary themes

Reading – Suitable responses and audience needs


Writing – Present information persuasively

Writing – Present information logically

Writing – Sentence structure

Writing – Paragraphs

Writing – Inverted commas

Writing – Colons and semicolons

Writing – Commas

Writing – Spelling

Writing – Subject verb agreement

Writing – Apostrophes

Writing – Verb tenses

Writing – Present information clearly and concisely



Activity 1 Life Coach

Activity 2 College Magazine

Activity 3 Charity

Activity 4 Alternative Energy

Activity 5 Nuclear Energy