Engage in Personal Development in Health and Social Care Level 3


Worksheet 1 General Social Care Council Codes of Practice

Worksheet 2 Values, Beliefs and Life Experiences

Worksheet 3 Supervision Scenario

Worksheet 4 My SWOT Analysis

Worksheet 5 Improved Practice

Worksheet 6 Improved Practice


Handout 1 General Social Care Council Code of Practice

Handout 2 Standards

Handout 3 The Reflective Cycle

Handout 4 Supervision

Handout 5 What Makes a Good Personal Development Plan

Handout 6 Personal Development Plan

Handout 7 Personal Attitudes or Beliefs

Handout 8 SWOT Analysis

Handout 9 Training and Learning Opportunities

Handout 10 Feedback

Handout 11 Constructive Feedback