Employability Skills

The employability course has been designed to support young people. The course offers the learner a work experience placement, a chance to gain a nationally recognised qualification including Maths and English.

To achieve the Level 1 Certificate in Employability Skills the learner must gain a total of 13 credits. This must consist of:

– Minimum total credit: 13

– Mandatory group A minimum credit:2

– Optional group B minimum credit: 4

– From either Optional group C or D (but not a combination of both) minimum credit: 7

This must consist of either:

– Optional group c minimum credit: 7

– Optional group D minimum credit: 7

– A minimum of 8 credits must be achieved through the completion of units at Level 1

Their is a minimum requirement for guided learning hours of 109 over a 12 month period

Mandatory Group A

E1 – Managing Social Relationships

E2 – Working towards goals

E3 – Working as part of a group

E4 – Developing time-management skills for the workplace

E5 – Maintaining work standards

E6 – Rights and Responsibilities at Work

E7 – ICT for Employment

E8 – Effective communication for work

E9 – Health & Safety in the Workplace

E24 – Working toward goals

E25 – Working as part of a group

E26 – Maintaining Work Standars

E27 – Rights and Responsibilities at work

E28 – ICT for Employment

E29 – Developing effective communication skills for the workplace

E30 – Health and Safety in the workplace

E31 – Time management skills

Optional Group C

E10 – Personal Advancment

E11 – Dealing with problems in daily life

E12 – Introduction to working with others

E13 – Building confidence and self esteem

E14 – Developing Self

E15 – Improving own confidence

E32 – Personal Advancement

E33 – Dealing with Problems in Daily Life

E34 – Introduction to working with others

E35 – Developing self

Optional Group D

E16 – Completing a Curriculum Vitae

E17 – Completing a job application form

E18 – Preparing for an interview

E19 – Preparation for work

E20 – Personal presentation in the workplace

E21 – Searching for a job

E22 – Exploring Job opportunities

E23 – Applying for a job

E36 – Writing a CV

E37 – Preparing for an interview

E38 – Preparation for work

E39 – Personal presentation in the workplace

E40 – Searching for a job

E41 – Exploring Job opportunities

E42 – Applying for a job

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