Develop professional supervision practice in health and social care or children and young people setting


H1 Forms of professional supervision

H2 Legal and regulatory frameworks of supervision

H3 Who does supervision protect

H4 Supervision and performance management

H5 Power issues and conflict

H6 The psychological contract

H7 Providing feedback in supervision

H8 Managing conflict in supervision

H9 What kind of supervisor are you

H10 Feedback on your supervision

Multiple Choice Questions 

Answers Multiple choice questions

Multiple choice questions


PP1 Features of effective supervision

PP2 The performance management cycle

PP3 Key learning points


W1 Experience of supervision

W2 What is supervision

W3 Agreeing supervision arrangements

W4 Sample supervision agreement

W6 Reflections on your supervision practice

W7 Conflict case studies

W8 Responding to conflict in supervision

W9 Responding to feedback