Contribute to the Organisation of an Event


Activity 1 Individuals Involved in the Event

Activity 2 Types of Events

Activity 3 Carry out Pre-event Actions

Activity 4 Resources Required at Events

Activity 5 Selecting the Best Room Layout

Activity 6 Appearance and Professionalism Wordsearch

Activity 7 Post Event Activities

Activity 8 Follow-up Actions Wordsearch

Activity 9 Pre-event Activities

Activity 10 Activities on the Day



Worksheet 1 Dealing with Special Requirements

Worksheet 2 Room Layouts

Worksheet 3 Professionalism

Worksheet 4 Dealing with Delegates’ Special Requirements

Worksheet 5 Prioritising the Day

Worksheet 6 Prioritising the Day

Worksheet 7 Designing a Feedback Survey

Worksheet 8 Creating a Self-Evaluation Form

Worksheet 9 Planning an Event

Worksheet 10 Following Up an Event



Handout 1 Understanding Event Organisation

Handout 2 Preparing for an Event

Handout 3 Setting up an Event

Handout 4 Post-Event Actions

Handout 5 Recap