Contribute to Health and Safety in Health and Social Care


Activity 1


Handout 1 Legislation

Handout 2 Risk Assessment

Handout 3 Balancing Risk and Choice

Handout 4 Emergencies

Handout 5 The Spread of Infection

Handout 6 Hand Washing

Handout 7 Principles for Safer Moving and Handling

Handout 8 Fire Safety

Handout 9 Hazardous Substance and Equipment

Handout 10 Stress Management

Handout 11 Moving and Handling Legislation

Handout 12 Moving and Positioning

Handout 13 Procedures for Handling Medication

Handout 14 Food Hygiene

Presentation Handout Contribute to Health and Safety in Health and Social Care.doc


Worksheet 1 Legislation

Worksheet 2 Legislation

Worksheet 3 Responsibilites in the Workplace

Worksheet 4 Legislation

Worksheet 5 Hazards and Risks

Worksheet 6 Hazard and Risk Activity

Worksheet 7 Prevention of the Spread of Infection

Worksheet 8 Health and Hygiene

Worksheet 9 Moving, Handling and Positioning